Alps Centra-Lock Reel Seats

  • $ 28.00

The ALPS™ Centra-Lock™ aluminum reel seat was their first design of aluminum casting/spinning fishing reel seats. This reel seat has become the standard when needing a ergonomic casting or spinning reel seat. This exclusive ALPS™ design was first to the market and created its trusted brand name Centra-Lock™. Hearing the direct demands of avid fishing enthusiasts ALPS™ set forth to CNC machine 6061 T-6 into this beautiful yet durable reel seat. Users will benefit from the inventive dual nut construction and lobed design with delrin spacers, feeling confident with your favorite reel locked in place. Like all ALPS™ aluminum reel seats, the baseline remains with a hard anodized coating to prevent corrosion. The ALPS™ Centra-Lock™ aluminum reel seat comes in six different sizes and seven color combinations.


CAH18CM* 131.31 5.17 17.65 0.695
CAH20M 133.09 5.24 19.10 0.750
CAH22M 134.11 5.28 20.45 0.805
CAH23M 140.93 5.54 22.50 0.885
CAH24M 146.60 5.77 24.66 0.971
CAH26M 147.32 5.75 25.91 1.020


*Comes with a graphite cushion in the hood.