I offer both rod repair and fully custom built rods specifically designed to suit your needs.  I have experience building everything from light 3wt fly rods to 130# bent butt rods.  Generally speaking, I will only repair rods for local customers as the price of shipping the rod makes the venture cost-prohibitive.  The only exception to that would be full re-wraps or the complete refurbishing of a rod.  For custom builds, I offer my services worldwide.

Repairs and custom builds are priced individually depending on the components used and how decorative the wraps are.  Example: It will cost more to repair a guide on a Super Seeker (titanium frame + elaborate guide wrap) vs a fiberglass Calstar (wire guide + simple guide wrap).


The process of getting a custom rod built for you

Step 1: Email me, give me a brief description of what type of rod you are looking for and leave your name and phone number. 

Step 2: Expect a phone call.  I will call you and we can work out the details of the rod you want.  If you know the exact blank, guides, grip length, wrap colors and layout, that's great and I'll build it to your specifications.  If all you know is that you like to troll for albacore on a private boat and have no idea what rod you want, that's great too!  I'll call you and ask you all sorts of questions to gauge what rod will suit you best, what handle length will work for you, and what kinds of components we can use and still stay in your budget. 

Step 3: A 50% deposit will be required for me to start the build.  Once the rod is complete, I will send you pictures of the rod and as long as you are pleased, I will collect the other 50% and get the rod shipped out to you immediately (or you can pick it up if you are local).



How much do custom rods cost? - Custom rods vary GREATLY in price.  A mediocre blank with mediocre components can still fetch a large price if a lot of decorative work is desired.  If you would like to know how much something would cost to be built, feel free to contact me and I will get you some numbers with no "pressure" or strings attached. 

How long will my rod take to be built? - A very common question with a million different answers.  If I have everything in stock to build your rod and I don't have other client's rods to finish first (extremely rare), figure about 10-14 days depending on how much thread-work there is. 

Is there a warranty? - My work is guaranteed against defects for the life of the rod to the original buyer.  I do not cover abuse, neglect, or normal wear and tear.  The individual components may, or may not come with a warranty depending on who manufactured them.

My rod that you built me broke on a fish, what now? - As stated above, I warranty my work that is done on the rod.  The blank may be covered against defects by it's maker and you will have to get in contact with them and discuss replacement.  If they replace it, I am willing to build it up for you again at a discounted rate.  I can't give away my work, but I can always give a discount if the situation demands it.